Mobile Networks Boast They Won't Crumble Under Olympic Data Assault

By Gary Cutlack on at

The main UK mobile networks all seem rather confident they'll be able to handle demand for services in and around the Olympic sites, with numerous claims of increased capacity and a general aura of readiness for our Olympic-sized mobile data use.

Vodafone would appear to have set itself up for the biggest fall, should anything go wrong with its infrastructure during the games, saying: "Obviously, we are expecting a significant increase on that [usual] level of demand, but we are experts in forecasting demand and optimising our network -- in real time -- to cope with high usage."

Everything Everywhere, the terribly named conjoined combo of Orange and T-Mobile, is also confident. It says: "We've also increased measures in place to maintain service and operational stability during the Games. Additional field maintenance resource in the areas of the country most affected are in place, alongside dedicated incident managers to ensure a very rapid response time to any service-affecting incidents."

However, Ben Wood, from consultancy CCS Insight, told Bloomberg there will inevitably be issues, saying: "There is no doubt that carriers have put extensive planning into this, but there will be huge problems with cellular communications during the Olympics. Cellular technology is a finite resource and that is complicated by the fact that this is the most multimedia-interactive Olympics that we have ever seen."

We shall see. You might want to stack up on postcards and stamps, just in case there's a mobile crisis of some sort. [Bloomberg via Macworld]