Move Over Nyan Cat, OMFGDOGS Is Here to Annihilate Your Brain

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you thought Nyan Cat was annoying, boy, you haven't seen nothing yet. OMFGDOGS will drive you insane in just a fraction of the time. Test your hardcore meme endurance skills; go on, I dare you.

OMFGDOGS is the melding of an incredibly adorable animated gif created by the "talented" Paul Robertson, and an excruciatingly annoying midi Swedish pop song cover, to create the ultimate internet torture device. You can thank Dan, an Australian developer, for this madness.

If anyone can last longer than a minute looking at that thing I'll be amazed. Go fourth and torture your friends, or better yet, set it as their animated desktop/homescreen image. [OMFGDOGS via Gizmodo Australia]

Bonus: Nyan Gareth from our friends over at TechRadar. Now, tell me, which is more annoying, Gareth Beavis' ugly mug or the original?