Mystery Apple Product and Kindle Fire Predicted By Currys and PC World To Be Your Stocking Fillers

By Jon Partridge on at

Well this is interesting. Looks like some kind of 'Mystery Apple product' and the Kindle Fire have made their way onto the Currys and PC World annual top tech Christmas gifts (really? It's July), hinting that these peculiar products will be on our shelves in time for the Christmas rush.

Of course, the Kindle Fire isn't even out in this country, and I don't expect Amazon to rush out what would be a year old product in the autumn. So this probably points to it being the Kindle Fire 2, which has set the internet ablaze with rumours that it's due around August, or late quarter, stateside. Factor in localised content, contracts, distribution and all kinds of other minor details -- it looks like the Kindle Fire 2 could be here in time for Christmas. Bare in mind Kindle products have taken their sweet time to come over here, like the Kindle Touch for example, so it looks spot-on to be the perfect product to snap up holiday buyers.

The 'Mystery Apple product' on the other hand? Well, that could be a brand new iPhone, or maybe the rumoured smaller form-factor iPad mini? Looks like we'll have to wait until October for Apple to spill the beans on that. Better start saving your cash then, as it could be one expensive Christmas. [TechRadar]