Nike and O2 Bump Fists for Priority Sports Motivational Fitness Apps

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 is launching a new Priority Sports app in partnership with Nike and its Nike+ fitness tools, which will encourage users to stop watching iPlayer on their telephones and start doing some exercise. With bonus rewards for those who do.

The idea is to create the "world's biggest sports community" by encouraging users to view fitness advice, watch videos and read sporting content on their phones, via iPhone and Android apps. Users will also see a few exclusive Nike products for sale through the mobile portal, plus a series of "exclusive events" will be organised by Nike, which will only be open to those with the app.

As a sweetener for the deal, O2 users will have exclusive access to a UK edition of the Nike+ fitness app for Android, which is currently region-locked to the US only. [O2 via Marketing Week]