Norwich Cathedral Turned Into Massive Broadband Router

By Chris Mills on at

Broadband out in the sticks has always been a bit of a sticky problem: the infrastructure's expensive, but residents aren't always willing to pony up way over the odds for a bit of iPlayer. Now, though, there's a new plan to harness the spiritual power of the Church of England to bring more than just goodwill to the people of Norfolk.

WiSpire is a service that has put transmitters on the top of parish churches in remote villages in Norfolk, hopefully resulting in 8Mbps broadband speeds and letting the locals get their fix of cat videos more easily. It all relies on Norwich cathedral being the broadband mothership, with transmissions going from there to the churches and then down to individual households, all without having to install thousands of miles of fibre.

It looks like a pretty good idea to me, and might even help the churches survive, what with more and more people staying home to watch telly on Sunday morning. Even the vicars are pitching in, offering to give lessons to the older members of their flock in how to use Skype and Facebook to chat to all their friends. Broadband from on high -- who'd have thought it. [WiSpire via Telegraph]

Image credit: Halo from Shutterstock and .Martin from Flickr