O2 Could Skip Legal Trouble For Massive Blackout

By Jon Partridge on at

O2 sure has had a fun few days, with up to a third of customers being hit with the blackout and many customers have lobbed complaints at them, but it seems like the network provider could escape legal trouble completely due to a couple of carefully written statements in the terms of service.

According to the Pay Monthly TOS, it states that "the Service isn't fault-free", making angry customers essentially powerless to claim any compensation against the company as they signed a contract that specifically states that service is not guaranteed. Class action suits may also follow similar fates, as O2 most likely include a force majeure clause into the service, offering complete legal protection in the case of such circumstances.

Irate customers can call O2 and complain all they want, or even take to Twitter, but it looks like they won't legally be getting anything back from the company. O2 might be nice though, you never know. [ZDNet]

Image credit: Mobile masts from Shutterstock