O2 Outage Meant Tagged Criminals Could Roam Around Free

By Jon Partridge on at

The recent O2 outage may very well be fixed now, but according to the Sun, criminals tagged with a probationary curfew may have been able to roam around freely whilst the network suffered from nationwide problems.

G4S, the security firm that issues the electronic tags utilise O2 SIM cards to track criminals, but were unable to enforce curfews due to the network outage. Network tracked vans that transport prisoners around to courtrooms were also affected by the blackout, enabling around 250 criminals to remain unchecked whilst they were ferried around.

A government spokesperson claimed that serious offenders were tied to their residences by landline phones, however, but still, worryingly a lot of criminals such as burglars and violent offenders were still intermittently untraceable.

I do wonder if any criminals managed to take advantage of this, but apparently at no time "public safety was compromised." Assuring. [The Sun via The Telegraph]

Image credit: Police from Shutterstock