O2 Says Sorry For the Outage With Compensation For All (Update: and GiffGaff)

By Sam Gibbs on at

O2 suffered a serious network outage that ran over two days last week, cutting 100,000s of users off from their mobile data, text and calling fix. To say sorry, every O2 customer is going to get a £10 voucher, plus those who were directly affected by the cock-up are going to get 10 per cent back on their bill.

Both PAYG and pay-monthly customers, which O2 has identified as being taken out by the network issues, will have 10 per cent of their July bill credited back to them. For pre-pay customers that means 10 per cent of your first top-up in September, so let's hope it was a biggie.

It's nice to see O2 trying to set things right, especially after handling the social media storm with aplomb, but is 10 per cent enough to keep you from switching? Also, just what are you going to be able to buy for £10 in an O2 store? Better than nothing though, that's for sure. [BBC]

Update: GiffGaff's also getting in on the compensation game, even though it wasn't strictly its fault. Starting tomorrow, all top-ups will get an extra 10 per cent free until Wednesday July 25th.

Thanks Udimion!