O2 Wants You to Stay Stay Stay With its Pay & Go Go Go

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pay & Go Go Go is the new name for the results of O2's latest fiddling with its PAYG contracts, which give users cashback and more minutes and data for showing some level of commitment to the network.

There are two versions of the PAYGGG deals, one for £10 a month and one for £20. The £10 option comes with 75 minutes and 100MB of mobile data initially, which rises to 150 minutes and 200MB after three months, then adds in a 10 per cent top-up credit bonus after six months, then adds in the discount and the extra data and unlimited SMS messages after nine months.

The £20 bundle does all of that, but with 250 mins/MB rising to 500 of both after three months. All of which is quite nice, but you'd be better off just getting a cheap contract SIM and saving yourself so much bloody bother. [O2]