O2's Customers Would Have More Luck Stringing Together Two Cans, After Second Day of Outages

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you're struggling to make calls or grab data and you're on O2, it's because the network is suffering from an on-going outage across parts of its network. Unfortunately that means it's going to be a bit random whether your phone works or not; here in central London it's being intermittent.

A quick peek at Twitter says lots of people are having issues from all over the country, with O2 admiting it's dealing with the problem as a top priority -- we can't confirm whether other O2-powered networks like GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile are also hit, but we're assuming so. Currently the O2's handy status checker says, quite honestly, that:

"Making calls and using data -- Parts of our network aren't working. This means your service might come and go until we fix the problem."

I know it's excruciatingly annoying to have the network go down, especially for data (at least in my case), but it's also quite nice of O2 to spell out exactly what's wrong in plain English. Anyway, if you're having issues, it's not just you. Hopefully you can still get your fix of Twitter, Facebook and Giz UK on your commute home, but if not, maybe Instapaper a few choice articles while on Wi-Fi to see you home?

Image credit: No signal from Shutterstock

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