Ouya, the Android Gaming Console, Gets a Massive Kick In the Pants From OnLive

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you were in any doubt that the littleĀ Kickstarter-powered Android console-that-could was a real contender for the in-living room gaming crown, this should put that to rest. OnLive has just confirmed that it'll be partnering with Ouya and will be on the console from launch.

It's a no brainer for OnLive, really. It's just another vehicle to get its cloud-based service and games out there and into the living room. For Ouya, though, it's a massive deal. Whether or not games developers actually get on-board with the Android gaming console project, you'll have big name games available on the Ouya from the off through OnLive.

With a bit of luck, that'll be enough to propel Ouya into the mass market and make it a desirable platform, from a numbers point of view, for big-name and indie developers alike.

Now OnLive's on-board, and with the sheer amount of support it gained on Kickstarter, the future's certainly looking bright for Ouya. Let's hope it doesn't screw the pooch before it gets onto the market and we can actually buy one.