Please God, No, Don't Let Future Cars Look This Hideous

By Sam Gibbs on at

Decent, all-electric cars so far have looked pretty awesome. We've got the Tesla and the Fisker, but on the other hand we have the horrible Gwhiz, the ugly Nissan Leaf, and now the hideous Eggasus -- would you even be caught dead in that thing?

OK, I get it. Too many cars carrying single people clog up our roads. Many of us Brits have to fight with it every single day on our daily commutes, but please, please, let the future of cars be slightly more attractive.

Most people buy cars at least partly on how they look. That's why manufactures spend oodles of money trying to shape their latest creations into something at least marginally good looking.

For what it's worth the Eggasus is designed as a personal pod; a one-seater 25mph commuter shuttle. It'll do 50 miles on a single charge, has an iPad holder, and will set you back about £3,000-odd. But they'll be out sometime later this year in the US at least. Let's just hope they don't sell in their droves; I think I'd rather walk and get wet than force myself into that deathbox-looking contraption. How about you? [Eggasus via Trendsupates via Ubergizmo]

Bonus: Here's a horrendous example of what shakey-cam motion smoothing does to a video.