Pole Dancing iPhone App Condemned By Children's Charities

By Jon Partridge on at

Now there's a headline I didn't think I'd write, but it seems to be that an iOS app that provides pole dancing lessons has caused an outrage due to its 12+ age rating. Erm.

Released back in June, Pole Dancer Pro shows us the moves that will apparently turn users into "lap dancing sexpots" through instructor Jessica Jackson. Although rated 12+ due to "Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity", Jo Squires, director of children's charity BIG Ministries, is now rallying to get the app banned from the app store.

While the app has quite a raunchy undertone, according to the creators, the main aspect of the app is to help get those interested in pole dancing fit and healthy, and is most likely aimed at a older audience. It's a paid app too -- I don't think your typical 12-year-old's are going to have credit cards somehow -- let alone iPad's or iPhone's of their own to purchase the app. If they're using their parents' devices and iTunes accounts, well, they need to use better passwords.

That said, I thought that Apple had strict rules and restrictions on what actually makes it into the store, complete with checks and all -- something about want porn, go to Android -- but I guess that doesn't apply to everything it seems. [MacWorld]