Pretend You're Into Theatre and Art and Stuff With iPad TimeOut London

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're milling about in London because of, say, something to do with a major sporting event of global significance, here's a thing to put on your iPad. A free, constantly updated TimeOut app, for learning about where all the self-conscious London people go to look cool after work.

The TimeOut London for iPad app offers daily updates covering all the big, new events happening in the city, claiming to monitor your use (sometimes this is a good thing) to offer suggestions better suited to your habits over time, along with a curated selection of picks from its editors, should you be incapable of deciding for yourself where to eat, what you like and what to do when there's nothing good on telly.

The iTunes listing says it'll soon be updated to incorporate an event ticketing and restaurant booking option in coming weeks, too. [iTunes via Apps Rush]