Prince Charles Shows Off a Big Red Ball For Our Security Servicemen

By Jon Partridge on at

Put that filthy mind away, this is quite nice really! On Friday, Prince Charles showed off a rose ball made of marble that's inscribed in binary and Morse Code -- a fitting tribute to the men and women of British intelligence services who have worked away at cracking codes and serving the safety of our nation country over the past century.

The memorial, complete with a plaque, is based at the National Memorial Aboretum in Staffordshire, and the Prince was joined by the current director of the Government Communications Headquarters, Iain Lobban at the unveiling. Lobban spoke at the ceremony, and stated that the memorial was for all the mathematicians, engineers, linguists and technologists who had all contributed to the security of Britain, despite the somewhat unglamorous and rather background nature of the job at hand.

Much of the work is done in the shadows, and not much public recognition is handed their way, but former GCHQ worker Jim Simons was pleased to see the Prince getting involved, saying that having Royal support and recognition is "heartening". It's a fitting memorial for our servicemen, but I do wonder if the current crop of tech hackers and crackers will get the same recognition in a few years -- a massive Anonymous mask might end up scarring the landscape somewhere in the future perhaps? [The Register]

Image credit: Prince Charles from Shutterstock