PSA: "Unticketed" Doesn't Mean Free Olympic Events

By Sam Gibbs on at

LOCOG's just turned hundreds of people away from the opening stages of the Olympic archery because it's an "unticketed" event. Loads of bow-fans turned up to Lords to watch world records fall, but it was a non-public event, and wasn't even shown on TV, despite what scam sites claiming to sell tickets proclaimed.

Of course, LOCOG's trying to escape all blame for the mess, claiming that it never once advertised it as a free event:

"Tickets have not been advertised or sold by Locog for the archery ranking event which starts today at Lords cricket ground we have always made it clear that the preliminary rounds are not open for spectators."

I'm not quite sure why any Olympic event is going on without coverage or public audience, but at any rate, there's no such thing as free, at least where the money-grubbing Olympic machine is concerned. [Metro]

Image credit: Archery and No entry from Shutterstock