Raspberry PI Cranks Up Production, 4,000 PCs Created a Day and the Camera's Due October

By Jon Partridge on at

Ok, you no longer have to drop an insane amount of cash on eBay for a Pi, as the lovely fellas at Raspberry Pi have given an update to say that no less than 4,000 of the £22 quid devices are being cranked out daily to meet demand. They also say that the first official add-on, the camera module, is due in October for all your DIY spy-cam needs.

We've seen the power of the Pi, we know what it can do, and now, happy customers can  order as many as they want to create all manner of different projects. Customers are also no longer restricted to purchasing just a single unit one per order. This is great news for those using the Pi for business or for those looking to grab the kit for use in school or university.

The already-announced camera add-on is coming soon too, which packs a 5-megapixel sensor and will cost around £13-£16. The camera can be utilised for both stills and video, and will no doubt be useful for many projects where a little snapper is needed.

Check out this video below for a few Q's and A's with founder Eben Upton, plus a few tidbits about the device. [Raspberry Pi]