Report: Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Will Have a Better Display

By Casey Chan on at

AllThingsD is reporting that the next Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter than the current Kindle Fire with a better display, boosting the pixels to a 1280 x 800 resolution. Supposedly, Amazon is targeting the second half of the year for the release — late in the third quarter, to be a little more specific.

AllThingsD also expects a camera to be added in the next Kindle Fire, which should help make more people look like hilarious fools for taking pictures with their tablets. The thing about a new 1280x800 screen though is that it changes the aspect ratio of the Kindle Fire from 1.71 to an aspect ratio of 1.60. The 1280x800 display is actually used in the Nexus 7 tablet so we could be looking at similar screens here.

AllThingsD's report doesn't mention any of the previous rumours about the Kindle Fire getting a significantly bigger screen nor does it mention the rumoured launch next month. Or in fact whether the Kindle Fire will finally leave the US and land on our shores. Ah, rumours. [AllThingsD]