RIM Getting in on the Siri Clone Scene With BB10 Voice Assistant

By Gary Cutlack on at

RIM is set to jump on the clumsy voice control/personal assistant bandwagon, with developers reporting that the latest BlackBerry 10 OS alpha code has been updated to feature a selection of voice-activated personal assistant features.

The update lets users issue controls to the phone by holding down the mute key, navigating to sites, performing searches, asking for travel directions (delivered via Bing Maps), scheduling appointments in RIM's calendar app and asking it to look up the weather in places you aren't in, all by simply talking to your telephone like a nutcase.

RIM's been offering voice control features based around the same Nuance tech as used by Apple in Siri for quite some time, although, as is usually the case, it took some clever Apple PR spin and polish to make it into a standout reason to buy a new phone -- and a feature every manufacturer now wants to copy. [CrackBerry via Techradar]