Royal Mail Might Earn Those Enormous Price Increases by Making GPS Better

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail is putting its fleet of vans and people to work in a clever new way, using the daily rounds of its crews in East Anglia to augment existing GPS data and add super-accurate details of every property to a new database of addresses.

The project, which BT calls Pinpoint, aims to accurately log the precise location of every front door "delivery point" in the trial areas, with the plan being to build a much more accurate database of address details, which could be used in future by the emergency services, enhanced satnav tools, or anyone after a more reliable and precise service than that which the often vague GPS system currently provides.

The Royal Mail is specifically pointing out that no personal data is harvested here, with the local trial set to be rolled out nationwide if it's deemed a success and a useful thing to have its people do. [Royal Mail via BBC]

Image credit: Post Office from Shutterstock