Rumour: Apple Fans, Start Camping Out Now -- iPhone 5's Due on September 21

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's series of rumours concerning the next posh Apple telephone cover the handset's launch date, which falls within the usual autumn Apple refresh time frame and could be as soon as September 21.

The unusually specific date comes via French blog App4Phone, which claims to have been given the iPhone 5's arrival date from Chinese manufacturing sources. Given that we don't speak French or know anyone particularly well-connected in China, we have no option but to believe its claim.

The same source also confirmed previous rumours of a slightly larger display (3.75") for the next iPhone, plus the inclusion of the smaller 19-pin connector that's causing so much fuss among Apple fans.

Furthermore, new and equally impossible-to-verify claims from tech news resource DigiTimes claim the iPhone 5 is already being manufactured, with Chinese specialist Pegatron apparently already having its people shuffle the completed handset off its production line and into those neat little cardboard boxes. [DigiTimes and The Register]