Science Shows That Flying Using Batman's Cape Would Definitely Kill You

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've all gazed in wonder as Batman jumps off roofs, gliding gracefully down to Earth to kick the crap out of some lowlife using his awesome cape. Turns out it would be great at kamikazing yourself into a bad guy, but neither of you would survive the colossal 50mph impact.

That's right, swooping like Batman does, the cape would have the Dark Knight hit a peak of 68mph before levelling off at steady 50mph, according to boffins from the University of Leicester at least. Batman might be hard as nails, but he's still just flesh and bone under all that armour, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to survive smashing into anything at 50mph, unless it's a massive marshmallow or something.

Ah science, ruining all our superhero fantasies with such unrelenting empirical rigor. [Journal of Special Physics Topics via Wired via io9]