Scientologists Are Launching Their Own TV Station

By Jamie Condliffe on at

According to The Telegraph, the Church of Scientology is planning to launch a religious broadcasting center to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the internet, all based in a studio complex purchased last year.

The newspaper reports that the broadcasting centre will be located near the church's West Coast headquarters in Hollywood, and is expected to occupy the the nearly five-acre studio property the church bought last year from Los Angeles public TV station KCET for $42 (£27) million. Speaking to the Telegraph, Karin Pouw, a spokeswoman for Church of Scientology International, explained:

"The church plans to establish a central media hub for our growing world network of churches and to move into the production of religious television and radio broadcasting."

Previously the organisation has relied on less technological means of disseminating its, umm, teachings, such as book and pamphlets. With celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta lurking in the background, who knows what this venture could turn into. The Telegraph goes on to speculate that the studio could both provide a dedicated cable channel, as well as buy time on local TV stations to pump out programming to the common people.

It goes without saying that the world could almost certainly do without increased exposure to the religion's teachings—but it looks like we might not get a choice. [Telegraph]

Image by Gothopotam and Surrealistic Scenes under Creative Commons license