Screw Apple and Make Chrome Your Default Browser on Your iPhone

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chrome on the iPhone and the iPad is pretty damn good. OK, it might be slightly slower than Mobile Safari, thanks to the way Apple keeps its Nitro Javascript engine to itself, but it's better than nothing. Now you can make it your default browser with a quick little tweak.

Obviously you'll need a jailbroken phone for this -- what, you didn't think Apple would actually let you dump Safari if it hand any choice over the matter, did you? Then all you'll need to do is fire up Cydia and search for an app cunningly called "BrowserChooser".

Open BrowserChooser and tap Chrome to set it as your default browser -- that's it. Every time you click a link anywhere within iOS, Chrome will launch instead of mobile Safari. Now, if Apple would just gift Chrome with the Nitro engine, we'd really have a Chrome to love on our iPhones. [iMore]