How to Open URLs in Chrome On Your iPhone, Without Jailbreaking

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard yesterday of a tweak that could finally rid you of mobile Safari and swap it out for Chrome permanently. Unfortunately it needed a jailbroken iPhone to work, but this little tweak doesn't; it'll work on just about any iOS device.

Basically, you can force URLs to open in Chrome using a little Javascript bookmarklet. Just slap this piece of code (make sure it's in plain text) into your bookmarks and tap it every time you want to switch to Chrome:


It does mean you can't be completely rid of Safari, unfortunately, but at least you can get links out of Apple's default browser without having to laboriously copy the URL; switch apps, and then paste the thing into the address bar each time. Not as ideal as replacing Safari with Chrome, granted, but it's better than nothing if you're not jailbroken. [Jon Abrams via LifeHacker]