Shooting Challenge #2 Results: Food, Glorious Food

By Martin Snelling on at

Well, tickle my taste buds, it’s time to announce the winners of the second Shooting Challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated; we had some delicious entries, although I would have liked extra helpings. Perhaps we should offer a prize next week, to get your fingers trigger-happy?

Let’s get the main course started (I will stop with the food puns soon, honest). The winner of last week’s challenge was.... (chicken drumstick roll)... Mike Riddle with his ‘Baked Salmon & Asparagus’ from the restaurant “Mikes” -- it looks bloody lovely and I’ll be requesting the recipe to try it out myself:

Beautiful. Anyway, here’s some wordage from Mike on his image and how it was shot:

"Welcome to Mike's. Slow roasts, tray bakes and hearty home cooking are the order of the day. This is a baked salmon and asparagus ready for the oven. Perfect summer lunch with a cold white wine"

Olympus E-PL1
ISO 1600

No editing save for a tweak of light levels in Lightroom. And most importantly it was super-tasty :-D”

Also, check out Mike’s cup of coffee taken back in May; it has ‘frickin gold leaf on top!!’

Coming a close second, is Ian Gordon’s ‘Spicy Baked Beans infused with German Salami’’ -- a simple but lovely looking image that wouldn’t look out of place on a greasy spoon menu:

Here’s how Ian shot the image:

Spicy Baked Beans infused with German Salami, served on a bed of lightly toasted Tiger Bread. AKA Beans on Toast (with Peperami); served with a smile at Magicguppy's truck stop.

I used a nice fast (f/1.8) wide (24mm) Sigma lens to get the shallow DOF and capture the sharpness of the crusty bread. A ring flash was used because I though it'd bounce nicely off the beans and I wanted to eliminate the shadows (it didn't). Beans on Toast was chosen because, in all honesty, that's all I had left to eat (awwwww), and I never really stopped being a student.

P.s - it was deelish.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted images; you can see them all on our Flickr page here.

I’ll have another Shooting Challenge for you next week and this one WILL be a doozy.

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