Sled House! Just Tow it Away From Disaster

By Leslie Horn on at

Here's a challenge—you want to build a house on the white sands of New Zealand's scenic Coromandel Peninsula, but it's an erosion zone with a requirement that all structures be removable. So what do you do? You put it on a sled.

This beach hut is a vacation home for a family of five designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. From the outside, it looks like driftwood, or a worn artifact you might find washed up on the shore. But open the giant barn door on the front and the windows on the side, and a luminous, modern retreat appears. Inside, there's a large room that serves as the kitchen, living and dining rooms, and in the back are two sleeping zones, one for the parents and another with a bunk bed for the kids. Bonus points: there's a roof deck on top. And when they do have to flee, they just strap it to a tractor and ride away, house and all. [Dezeen]