I Wish James Bond's Aftershave Smelled Like Burnt Rubber, Gun Fire, and Martinis

By Sam Gibbs on at

So you've got the watch, but what you really need to actually be James Bond is his aftershave. Think about it -- unless you smell like him, how are the ladies going to know you're really a licenced killer ultra-smooth super-spy under that IT bod's garb?

You'd think the smell of Bond would be riddled with alcohol, blood, sweat, burnt rubber and gun fire, possibly mixed in with the perfume of a few women, but no. Apparently, Bond would smell like a combination of fresh apple; cardamom; sandalwood; vetiver; lavender; coumarin, and, err, moss. Yeah, Bond would smell like moss apparently -- how very, umm, suave and sophisticated?

It does have a pretty cool-looking bottle, but no doubt it'll cost the Earth when it hits Harrods exclusively from August 15th, and everywhere else from September 19th. Perfect for the man in your life that lives in a tux and drives an Aston. [Selectism via Switched On Set]