Someone Please Make Me This Back to the Future DeLorean Clock

By Casey Chan on at

To anyone who is good at making stuff with their hands: please make me this DeLorean center console clock from Back to the Future for me. There are instructions from Adafruit and links to all the stock parts you need to pull it off.

Here's why you should make a centre console clock for me:

  1. Adafruit can't sell them because of trademark issues
  2. You'll have an exciting weekend project
  3. It'll be my dream clock

Seriously, consider it would ya? The BTTF clock was made by Adafruit as a proof-of-concept type deal and it's so very beautiful. Adafruit has provided the Internet with detailed instructions on how to build your own, so make sure you follow them when building the clock for me. Thanks guys, you're the best! [Adafruit Industries via Laughing Squid]