Sony Buys Cloud-Based Game Streamer Gaikai for £242m

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony gaming division's explanation of its £242m purchase of Gaikai is that it'll be creating some sort of "cloud-based interactive entertainment service," although it seems much more likely it'll eventually be used to offer a form of backward-compatibility with older PlayStation titles whenever Sony gets around to launching PS4.

Gaikia, the less-talked-about competitor to streaming gaming service OnLive, uses powerful servers to play games, then streams the visual data to your display, whether that's your PC, tablet or TV. All you need is some sort of controller to make it all work, which, if you don't mind a bit of lag, is seen as one possible future for the entire games industry.

The question is how wide Sony might be able to spread this new tech around its existing offerings. A PlayStation4 game you can play at home, then sign in with your Gaikai account to continue playing via The Cloud, using your PS Vita or tablet as the display? That's the dream, although the reality is it'll probably end up trying to convince you to pay £6.99 to play Crash Bandicoot again in the year 2016. [PR via TNW]