Speed Up Chrome For iPhone With a Nitrous Kick

By Sam Gibbs on at

Chrome for the iPhone and the iPad was a breath of fresh air when it launched, but it's limited by Apple's hogging of the Nitro Javascript Engine solely for Safari. Not any more though; with Nitrous you can give Google's browser a major kick in the pants and turn it into the Chrome the iPhone deserves.

As with all these awesome tweaks, you'll need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but once there, you'll be able to gift any app the joys of the Nitro engine, including Chrome, Twitter and Facebook.

LifeHacker ran its own tests and concluded that although Chrome on the iPhone was much, much faster, it was still slightly slower than mobile Safari. Still, it's better than nothing though, and only costs about 65p. Find it in the Big Boss repository and give your iPhone Chrome as it should have been. [Nitrous via iDownloadBlog via LifeHacker]