Starred Commenters, Come Party With Us (and Intel) This Thursday

By Kat Hannaford on at

Intel's teamed up with the design duo Hellicar and Lewis for a big interactive installation which is being unveiled this Thursday night at a particularly trendy venue in London's Soho. I'll be there, and want 10 starred commenters to join me. Keen? Jump below for the deets on how to win one of 10 pairs of tickets.

The Triptych installation will be powered purely by an Ultrabook, a screen, and a mirror, with a soundtrack having been created specially for the event by Earnest Endeavours (get a sneak-peek of it here, or check out Hellicar and Lewis' making-of video, below.)

To enter, you must be a starred commenter above the age of 18, and able to make your own way to and from the central London venue. Simply leave a comment below telling us what the first laptop you ever owned was, and we'll select 10 winners at random. We'll then contact you with full details by Tuesday lunchtime.

Update: Thanks to everyone who applied for one of the 10 pairs of tickets (and to those of you who still played along, even if you couldn't make it.) We've selected the 10 readers now, but keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities in the future.

Image Credit: Breakfast at Tiffany's from Paramount Pictures / The Sun

Update: Thanks to everyone who made it to the party! Take a look at the video below for a glimpse of the night.