Stray into a Games Lane On Your Bike? That's £130, Please!

By Chris Mills on at

We all know that the Olympics are going to cause major disruption across London, and that Dave really needs them to go well. But fines like this on cyclists are just freaking ridiculous!

It turns out that after removing the bus lanes that you can normally cycle in, TfL's guarding the Games Lanes with all the jealousy and zeal of an angry lioness guarding her cubs from the circling hordes of hyenas. They can't find enough security guards to protect the venues, but rest assured, when it comes to the lanes, TfL will have an army of enforcement officers ready to taze* anyone who dares to swerve onto their hallowed bits of tarmac. When I asked TfL to confirm this, they said:

On street civil enforcement officers will act as a visible deterrent to any contraventions and assist with enforcement on the ORN. Cyclists risk a penalty of £130 for causing an obstruction in a Games lane whilst it is in operation.

So there you go. Gone are the days when London tried to be a cycle-friendly city -- now, if you ride a bike, you're just an "obstruction". Better find my walking shoes then. [TfL via Twitter]

*ok, maybe tazing people is a bit over the top, but I wouldn't put it past them.