Stylised Transit Maps Are a Lovely Way to Rep Your Favourite City

By Leslie Horn on at

Most strap-hangers have a love/hate relationship with the tube / subway / metro. It's either totally reliable or totally screwed. You're either right on time or squinting down the tunnel wondering where the train is. And you forget what a wonderful thing public transit can be. These awesome wordless maps from LinePosters have the power to remind you of that.

With snaking lines and a simple clean two-toned design, they're an artful look at public transit in cities around the world, from Berlin to San Francisco. They're beautiful and hypnotic—you might find yourself day dreaming of navigating the system in Tokyo, which looks totally confusing and also have everything written in Japanese. Or maybe you prefer the system in Barcelona, which spreads beautifully across the page. They're all gorgeous in their own ways, and each would definitely encounter some primo people watching. Get your own for £15 [PaperCrave via Unknown Editors]