Super-Mysterious HTC Device Looks to Kick Arse in 1080p Rez

By Jon Partridge on at

We have absolutely no idea what this is: it could be a phone; a tablet...or even not actually exist? Either way, it looks like HTC could finally be bringing out the big guns, as these benchmarks show something quite breathtaking: a device faster than a Galaxy S III.

With nothing but a codename consisting of letters and digits, the 'HTC 6435LVW' has popped up on the GLBenchmark site's Community Uploads, scoring a whopping 121 FPS in the Egypt Offscreen 720p test. In comparison, that's over double than the HTC One X, and around 20 per cent higher than the current top dog, the Galaxy S III.

The benchmark listing has also got some specs attached: it's running Ice Cream Sandwich, looks like it's attached to the American network Verizon and has a hefty 1794 x 1080 screen resolution. It's also packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 which means it's definitely no slouch. So what the hell is this? And where can we get it? Here's hoping HTC spills the juicy deets soon. [GLBenchmark via Engadget]