Super-Skinny, Super-Cheap, Top-Loading PlayStation3 Discovered

By Gary Cutlack on at

A third major revision of Sony's PS3 console has been spotted, revealing a machine that dumps the fancy disc tray slot for a good, old-fashioned plastic lid.

The new model, which has been spotted at tech testing regulators in Brazil under the model number CEH-4011B, also has some internal tech changes, with the filing revealing three 4011 variants of super-slim PS3, arriving with 16GB, 250GB and 500GB of internal storage space.

Here are the rather less glam live photos from the test filing:

Presumably the 16GB model uses flash memory and ditches the hard drive, which is quite a huge change in direction for Sony, and one that mirrors Microsoft's decision to dump the drive for its cheaper, redesigned Xbox 360, which features 4GB of solid storage. [Tecnoblog via CVG]

Image credit: Instagram