Team GB's Latest Olympic Weapon -- Battery-Operated Trousers

By Gary Cutlack on at

These technological trousers have been designed by Adidas, British Cycling and Loughborough University to assist the British cycling team. They don't help out with the big job of doing the pedalling, but they do warm the leg muscles a bit to keep the riders' impressive thighs at their peak power output level.

The system for bikers is what the clothing giant calls a muscle warming garment. The idea being that cyclists can pop it on to keep themselves hot and bothered between events, maintaining warm-up levels of readiness in their legs, with Adidas comparing the heated trousers to the tyre warmers used to keep the rubber at operational temperature before F1 races.

If nothing else, Adidas has done a great PR job in getting hot cycling stars Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy to talk about its ludicrous leg warmer invention, even if, as Adidas says, there's only the chance of a "marginal gain" in performance to be had from wearing the things. [Adidas via Bikeradar]