That Samsung Galaxy S III Didn't Explode, It Was Microwaved

By Sam Gibbs on at

Last month we saw pictures of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III that supposedly exploded while sitting in a car dash-mount. Turns out, some chap actually got the thing wet and decided it was a fantastic idea to stick it in the microwave to try and dry it out. Genius.

Unsurprisingly, the poor Galaxy S III didn't like getting microwaved all that much and started to melt. Samsung contracted an independent fire investigations company to get to the bottom of it, who found that an external energy source was applied to create the charred exterior.

The porky-spinner then fessed up, confirming that the "damage was caused by another person" and that they were "attempting to recover the phone from water". Everyone knows the best way to dry out a phone is to chuck it in rice sans battery as soon as possible. What kind of genius decides to whack it in the microwave? Have they never stuck foil in there and seen the white hot arcs of melting energy?

Anyway, if you've got a Galaxy S III sitting in your pocket right now, don't fret -- unless you attempt to nuke it in a microwave, you're probably pretty safe from exploding-phone syndrome. [Samsung, via TechRadar]

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