The BBC Goes Down In Sympathy For O2

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems O2's not the only one having outage issues of late, the BBC of all places was down last night too, with both the main site and iPlayer being yanked offline. The BBC going down, O2 borked, and the main road from Heathrow into London shut -- looks like we're truly ready for the Olympics.

The BBC said a "major technical issue" caused BBC online to fail last night, but that the service was restored to "most users" within an hour. Once back up, all was not quite hunky dory though, as BBC News was showing old news from way back on June 11.

Personally, I didn't even notice, but it really doesn't come at a good time for the UK. We're just about to have the entire world gazing upon us with a microscope with the Olympics in just over 15 days. Let's hope we're just getting all the bugs out now, and it'll be all good by the time the Games roll around. [Telegraph]