The Future of Gaming Is Quake 4 Running In Your Browser

By Sam Gibbs on at

If anyone had any doubts that the new WebGL and HTML5 technologies could support real, console or desktop-quality gaming, this amazing demo should put that to rest. What you're looking at here is one entire level from Quake 4 rendered purely in the browser -- no plugins, flash or anything, just Javascript, WebGL and Web Audio. This is the future of gaming.

Basically what the team developing the Turbulenz engine has done, is take the assets from id software's Quake 4 and recreated a single level in their WebGL-based engine. The beauty is, the graphical prowess of Q4, including dynamic lighting, 2D animations for displays, and loads of other good stuff, has all been preserved. There's even a complete physics engine in there. This is basically the same game, but solely run by your browser of choice.

The only thing that's missing is actual game play -- I'm guessing that'd be quite a lot of work for just a tech demo -- but if anyone was ever in doubt that the future of gaming lay on the web and in the humble browser, this video should put that to rest. I'd love to try this on a portable device -- imagine a fully rendered game of Quake 4 running on your tablet or phone just in Chrome or Safari. Maybe ChromeOS does have a future after all, it's just in gaming, not in the office. []