The Good 'Ole USA Rips Off More British Telly With a Terrible Inbetweeners Remake

By Chris Mills on at

The US of A has a history of....'adapting' British TV, nicking the characters and the plot and shoehorning them into a more American setting. In this case, they've wholesale pinched the characters of The Inbetweeners; got a man with a deep voice to do the trailer, and made some kind of mutant cross between E4's sitcom and High School Musical. 

It looks pretty bad if you ask me -- not quite on the same level as Payne, the rip-off of our beloved Fawlty Towers, but the way they've tried to steal the jokes from the original is just pathetic. It's running from mid-August, and in true brash Yankee style, the first season is getting a whopping 12 episodes (to the British 6). More scarily, they're also planning on adapting The Inbetweeners Movie to the big screen in the States; let's just hope that doesn't manage to crawl its way over here. [Cultbox]