The iPhone 5 Will Have NFC, 1GB of RAM and LTE

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to the all-knowing unnamed sources, the iPhone 5 will definitely come packing NFC, as well as LTE for those non-British countries that already have their 4G networks up and running, plus, finally, 1GB of RAM.

Apparently Apple's next flagship device isn't quite as far along its development cycle as previously rumoured. Right now it's supposedly still in engineering testing, but that means it should be out sometime late September, early October -- precisely what you would expect if Apple keeps to its previous schedules.

Let's just hope that, unlike the new iPad, the 4G radios can be tweaked to support our 4G frequency bands. That way if we finally manage to get LTE up and running in the UK, it'll just be a case of hooking up your hardware and blazing along the sweet, sweet waves of 4G. With a larger and thinner screen; possibly a bigger battery; NFC, and potentially LTE, this generation looks set to be a real upgrade rather than just another spec bump. [BGR via TechRadar]