The Nexus Q is Also a Magic 8-Ball

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Google's Nexus Q is many thing to many people. A miniature Death Star, an alien being, necessary but overwrought or, umm, a media streamer. It also has an extra, hidden function: it works as a magic 8-ball.

Someone at Google clearly thought the new device shared more than a passing likeness to everybody's favourite future-prediction tool. Hidden away as an Easter Egg, rapidly tapping on the Nexus Q image from within Jelly Bean thows up a Magic 8-Ball mode where the device will answer anything that's asked of it.


It's worth pointing out that it's not a particularly smart piece of software; it just throws up random responses. But it's nice to see that Google isn't taking the rather odd appearance of the Nexus Q all that seriously. [The Verge]