The Oatmeal Is Safe, as Carreon Drops His Legal Mess Claiming "Success"

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well, that's not quite what I expected to happen. Charles Carreon, the lawyer for FunnyJunk who went on a personal legal crusade against the Oatmeal, has just decided to drop all the lawsuits and give up.

The strange thing is, Carreon is declaring this a win. Apparently, forcing Inman to take out his own personal funds and photograph them, rather than the raised money for charity from IndieGoGo, makes that a win. I'm not sure what he's won, really, but I'm glad the whole mess, at least in the eyes of the courts, has been dropped.

All of the £141,000 raised by Operation Bearlove should now be free to go to the American National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, and with a bit of luck we'll get a pithy comic out of the Oatmeal and that'll be that. Whether that also includes FunnyJunk's beef with the Oatmeal, we'll have to see, but hopefully that's the last we'll hear of Carreon at least. [Ars Technica]

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