The "Olympic Positivity" London Eye Light Show MUST be Fake, Right?

By Gary Cutlack on at

EDF Energy has bedecked the London Eye with lights, powered by a system that measures the "positivity" toward the London 2012 games on Twitter and can adjust the show accordingly. Given that all we see on Twitter is people whining about McDonalds and LOCOG being logo nazis, surely it's one huge lie?

EDF Energy which is the "official electricity supplier" of London 2012, says it be "turning the sentiment into a social media driven light show" by monitoring tweets, and has put together an online guide to illustrate exactly how it supposedly polls our mood and turns it into lighting.

You might have a bit of trouble working out what the mood of the nation actually is, though, as the big wheel will light up yellow if we're happy about scraping a bronze in the two-man tug-of-war, switching to purple if the analytics tools say we're all annoyed about VISA and McDonalds or the inadequate wages and housing conditions suffered by the temporary cleaning staff.

The big wheel thing in London is going to light up every night at 9.00pm during the Olympics, and the colours might be a bit different from one night to the next, is what's going to happen. [EDF via BBC]