The Pirate Bay's Game of Whac-a-Mole Is In Full Swing, But It's Not Going Quite as We Imagined

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the UK ISPs were forced to block the Pirate Bay off the face of Britain, we wondered how long big media could keep up its game of whac-a-mole with TPB's various IP addresses. Apparently forever, because it seems they don't have to go back to court each time.

The court orders obtained by the BPI and company apparently allow for some sort of extension of the IP blocks without having to go back to court. We originally, rightly or wrongly (we're not lawyers), assumed that big media would have to go back to court each time it wanted to block more IP addresses. Turns out, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk will block all of TPB's increasing roster of IP addresses as and when. For instance, and .83 are now blocked on said networks without much of a fanfare.

Of course, blocking IPs makes no difference; we already know that. Besides the Pirates have enough IP addresses at their disposal to keep this game of whac-a-mole going for some time yet, but you have to wonder how long the ISPs and big media will keep this up. It might not actually cost money, but they must be able to see the futility in it by now, right? [TorrentFreak]