The UK's Great Broadband Rip-Off

By Sam Gibbs on at

You'd think that with streaming taking off in a big way, everyone would already be on unlimited deals, but it seems not. Apparently over two-million of us Brits are forking out up to £40 in overage charges on their broadband every month; that's up to £480 a year whacked onto your bill. Ouch.

The problem is that the rise of streaming services has put a pinch on limited broadband packages. People who signed up for those paltry 10, 20 or 40GB packages because they were cheaper, are flying over their usage caps and getting hit with some pretty hefty charges. OK, we're not talking mobile broadband £1-per-megabyte charges here, but still, the average is around £1 per gigabyte.

TalkTalk reckons that the average UK household downloads about 17GB a month, which seems a little bit on the light side to me, but we are talking averages across the whole nation. When I think about what I do in the evenings, mainly streaming Netflix and LoveFilm at the highest resolution and quality possible down my 80Mbit pipe, that's got to chew through some serious data.

With iPlayer and other catch-up streamers, plus things like Netflix, LoveFilm, and even YouView taking centre stage in the living room, it's only going to get worse. Plonk for unlimited packages folks -- data usage is only ever going to increase. Is anyone in the Giz UK faithful on a limited package, and if so, have you ever been hit by extortionate overage charges? [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Bill from Shutterstock