The Winner of the Olympics-Themed 3D Printing Challenge Is...

By Kat Hannaford on at

The winning model in our latest 3D Printing Challenge is so flippin' (heh) awesome, that I'm very tempted to ask Nick at 3DPrintUK if he can make one for me. We asked for Olympics-themed models, and seven utterly incredible entries were sent in...but only one can win a 3D print of their design, and a Tokyo Flash watch of their choosing.

While all of the entries were of an exceptionally high standard, Alex Maund's athlete-over-the-rings model was just incredible. Take a look at the video above to see it in motion -- Nick really excelled with this print, as you can see. Alex said of his design:

"This is an Olympic Souvenir with a small person that executes a back flip on the top, this is controlled by a small lever which is user operated. The Souvenir is less than 10cm tall with a minimum wall thickness of 2mm and clearance between moving parts of 0.5mm. A portion of 1 side and the bottom is missing to allow the viewing of the inner workings and to allow the removal of any support material used in the process of the 3D Printing."

He also created a YouTube video showing his render in action. Incredible work, Alex! Take a look in the gallery above for his initial render, and for more photos of the 3D printed model.

Adam Foster's render of Tower Bridge with working bascule sections, draped with the Olympic rings. An intricate model which definitely grabs the runners' up prize.

Pranav Panchal's Olympic stadium is complemented nicely by the 2012 logo. Great work, Pranav!

Jake Childs's sketch shows different Olympics sports -- such as gymnastics, archery and cycling -- inside a nifty re-imagining of the London Olympics logo.

Longtime 3D Printing Challenge contestant (and former winner!) Gromfrog -- aka, Ryan King -- created two entries for this particular challenge. His first is a beautiful model of the velodrome stadium, and his second (below) is of the Panathenaic stadium, which staged the first modern games, way back in 1896.

Ryan King's Panathenaic stadium, above.

Dominic's torch-bearing runner has just stormed through the ribbon, in his pared-down design.

Nice work to the six designers who sent in these seven models! If you've been inspired by their work, keep your eyes peeled for our next 3D Printing Challenge.