These Malicious Tweets Want To Hijack Your Computer

By Eric Limer on at

If you tend to be click-happy, you better be careful on Twitter today. There's a malware epidemic going around and it seems to think it has your picture.

The malicious tweets come in two varieties, both in the form of @ mentions. There are ones that ask "It's you on photo?" paired with a dangerous link, and also ones that ask the vaguer, but less grammatically jarring question "It's about you?" also with a link. Don't click; it's not about you.

Both variations are particularly bad news because unlike normal Twitter spam which sends you off to some extremely sketchy Internet store or something, these links will load your computer up with the Blackhole exploit kit. Once the exploit is on your computer, it'll index all the vulnerabilities it can find in your browser plugins and the like, and then set you up with a customized set of malware just for you.

It's not the first Twitter malware wave, and it certainly won't be the last, so just remember you should never take candy from strangers, or click on the links in their vague, awkward tweets. [Geekosystem]