This Amazing Gigapixel Image From the Top of the Shard Is Probably the Best View of London You'll Ever See

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Shard has its own 360-degree panorama, but this gigapixel version from Will Pearson is so much better. You can zoom right in on Canary Wharf and the city of London; the Gherkin, and even the Olympic stadium. That really is quite a view.

Pearson used a monster rig to create this thing from the crane at the top of the Shard before it opened, so it's a view no one will be able to see again, even if you fork out £25 to get to the top.

After the pathetic light show that was the Shard's "grand" opening, you might not care about the building itself any more, and that's fair enough. But you've got to jump on over to Pearson's site and waste five minutes exploring the interactive panorama. Kudos if you can spot Giz UK towers; I'll give you a hint, we're near Regent's Park. [Will Pearson via Cnet UK]